Women´s day Scarf

Women´s day Scarf


In honor of International Women's Day, we want to pay tribute to the Mirabal Sisters, a symbol of resistance and bravery that inspires us to continue fighting for gender equality. Therefore, we have designed the 8M scarf from the Ojo de Agua collection, as a tribute to their legacy. With pink and lilac colors representing femininity and the strength of women, and a butterfly as a symbol of freedom and transformation, this scarf is a reminder of the importance of celebrating and supporting women in their fight for equality.

On this day, let's remember that the world needs more women like you, willing to face challenges and defend their rights. Let's celebrate together our courage and determination, and continue working towards a more just and equitable future for all. Join the celebration and carry with you the message of empowerment and sisterhood in every step you take!

Gifinas´scarves collection is ideal for a night out, outdoor adventures, a party or family travel. It adds a touch of spring color for any season, occasion or to your everyday style.

Our scarves are genuine, magnetic, soft and multi-use. All our products are 100% made in Spain.

Material of this scarf: semi-silk
Texture: Silky Sheen, Smooth, artfully Crafted.
Dimensions: 70x70 cms

Please, read RETURNS & EXCHANGES POLICY before making a purchase.
It will take 15 days minimum for the manufacture of this scarf plus additional shipping time for your order to arrive at the location provided by the customer. Gifinas is a sustainable brand and our products need their production time.
If you live outside of Spain and you are interested in purchasing our scarves, please send us an email to: [email protected]

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