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Gifinas, is a fashion brand with "Dominican roots", for women. It was born for the passion of a woman;  Maritza Acevedo, to the art and to the design. 

The artist has captivated the fashion world with her Dominican roots; choosing as inspirational element the "Limé Dolls""Dominican Faceless dolls"; Muñecas sin rostro or "Las Limé"  . Her designs are a joint effort of freshness and originality go together cultural diversity and values.

We revive the richest of the traditional craft; at the same time, we create fashion designs with a contemporary approach. Gifinas, it's the mix of different cultures; getting as result: beautiful, chic, trendy and colorful garments for genuine women.

Our Values...

  1. We make original fashion for genuine women.
  2. Our philosophy is based on creating  of Slow fashion  and sustainable fashion, we take the time to choose and create with great care, each product we make. 
  3. All our garments are steeped in culture, art, diversity, color, happiness, tradition and history. 
  4. Gifinas designs are pretty comfortable, we always think about the lifestyle of the  woman who wears our pieces.
  5. We are proud to support the cultural diversity.
  6. We create fashionable and unique accessories.
  7. We think you can wear colorful garments and being elegant at the same time, don`t be afraid to put colors to your life.
  8. For us is very important the quality of every pieces we make, since the simple conception of any idea until the final product.
  9. "Gifinas", is committed with the environment, we are a sustainable brand, this is one of the reason we only print on demand, reducing the enviromental impact since this way we avaoid allocating resourses to garments that are not going to be sold.
  10. To provide coziness, happiness and colorful to every woman´s life, is part of our pillars.

¿What does Gifinas bring to women´s life?

  • Gifinas, has a the commitment to help  women to embrace their roots.
  • Equality. We spread a movement where we all are one, we believe that every person even their own difference as human, we all are equal, primarily if we talk about women.
  • To promote "fashion" and culture as a whole.
  • Sisterhood. We believe in support among women who are involved in undertaking world. 
  • Our brand wants to teach women to love and to support their own culture,  to accept different cultures and mainly to accept  themselves.
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