Meninas by Gifinas  Limited Edition

Meninas by Gifinas Limited Edition


Do you know the Meninas? If you are Spanish or you live in Spain, surely yes. Las Meninas or The Family of Felipe IV is considered the masterpiece of the Spanish Golden Age painter Diego Velázquez. Finished in 1656. Meninas are a symbol of spanish culture, we have made a design of them as a special edition .
For purchases outside of Spain, please send us an email or a message!!

Upgrade your personal Style with Gifinas prints.

Gifinas' scarves are made of semi-silk and silk . Our collection is ideal for a night out, outdoor adventures, a party or family travel. It adds a touch of colour spring-like to any season, occasion or to your everyday style. Our scarves are genuine, magnetics, soft and multi-use. All our products are 100% made in Spain.
We take 15 days minimum for the manufacture, Gifinas is a sustainable brand and our products need their production time.

Material of this scarf: semi-silk
Texture: Silky Sheen, Smooth, artfully Crafted.
Dimensions: 70x70 cms and
90x90cms on demand.

Please, read RETURNS & EXCHANGES POLICY before making a purchase.
It will take 15 days minimum for the manufacture of this scarf.
If you live outside of Spain and you are interested in purchasing our scarves,
please send us an email to:

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